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Delta Dynamics

Raven Flared Magwell | 556 & 9MM

Raven Flared Magwell | 556 & 9MM

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Elevate your Raven's performance with our Extended Flared Magwell, seamlessly integrating into your firearm to enhance reloads by offering added room for error during high-pressure situations. This streamlined enhancement ensures lightning-fast magazine changes, providing a flawless fit for quick and reliable reloads under stress. Balancing both form and function, this upgrade not only enhances your shooting experience but also adds a touch of sleek aesthetics to your firearm. Make every reload count with the improved efficiency and modern design of our Extended Flared Magwell.

556 Version Compatible with the Raven 556, & 762x39, or any mid length magwells

9MM Version compatible with Raven 9, or any standard length magwells.  

The 556 & 9MM Extended Flared Magwell has been tested with many magazines to ensure good function and compatibility.  The 556 Magwell Flare has been tested with PMAGS, Lancer's, Cross Mags, GI Magazines, and more, and has been designed to work with all AR15 magazines.  The 9MM Magwell Flare has been tested with OEM Glock Magazines, PMAGS, KCI, ETS, and more and was designed around the OEM Glock Magazine standard.  

          - Includes

  • Extended Flared Magwell
  • 1x Mounting Screw

- Installation Guide

Remove the screw from the mag well flare.

Apply a small amount of thread locker to the screws, IE. Loctite, Permatex, or Vibratite.

Slide the mag well flare onto the rifle.

Put the screw in and tighten it until you feel it is tight enough, or until the mag well does not move.  

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