Type 81 Extended Charging Handle Install Guide


Tools & Supplies Needed:

  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench/Bit
  • (Optional | Recommended) Thread Locker


    Step 1: Remove the Bolt Carrier: Push in the dust cover latch and remove the dust cover, then remove the recoil assembly, and slide the bolt to the rear of the rifle then remove it.  

    Step 2: Find the Correct Sized Shims: There are 4 different sizes of shims, each designated by a tally. 1 is the thickest and 4 is the thinnest. Grab the matching shims and hold them around the bolt handle, then put the extension over the top. Find the shims that fit the tightest without being difficult to put on or remove.

    Step 3: Install the Charging Handle Extension: Once you have found the best fitting shims, line up the hole on the extension facing outwards where you want the screw to go. While holding the shims in place, slide the extension over them. Ensure the shims are flush with the charging handle extension; if not, push them in with the Allen key. If you cannot push them in, you may need to go down a size on the shims. Install the screw and torque it to 15 in-lbs. Optionally, apply thread locker to the screw before installation.

    Video Coming Soon