Type 81 Red Dot Side Mount Install Guide


Tools & Supplies Needed:

  • 1mm Flathead Screwdriver or Bit
  • Allen key/Punch
  • (Optional | Recommended) Thread Locker
  • (Optional) Torque Wrench


Step 1: Remove the Bolt Carrier: Push in the dust cover latch and remove the dust cover, then remove the recoil assembly, and slide the bolt to the rear of the rifle then remove it.  

Step 2: Remove the Safety Selector and Retaining Plate: Using an allen key or similar object depress the spring lever and remove the safety.  Once the safety is removed you can remove the plate.  If you are having issues removing the retaining plate you can use the allen key/punch to pry it out.  

Step 3: Replace the Standard Trigger Pins With the Threaded Pins: Now that you have removed the retaining plate the trigger pins can now move freely.  Grab your threaded trigger pins and push the old pins out from the left side of the receiver using the back side (the flathead side) of the threaded pin.  You should easily be able to push the old pins out and have the new ones installed.  

Step 4: Reinstall the Retaining Plate: Line up the trigger pins so the cutout for the retaining plate is flush along the inside of the receiver.  Put the plate into the receiver and get the forward pin secured first.  After securing the forward pin you can use the allen key/punch to press down on the rear area and get the rear pin seated in the plate.  If you are having issues getting the plate back in make sure the pins are correctly lined up.  If they are correctly lined up and you are still having issues you can use a punch and a mallet and lightly tap the plate in.  

Step 5: Screwing on the Mount: Hold the mount on the threaded trigger pins and evenly screw it down all the way.  Only do 1-2 turns per side before alternating back to avoid damaging the threads.  Once you have screwed it all the way down torque it to 30 in-lbs.