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Raven 556 Brass Deflector & Side Cover

Raven 556 Brass Deflector & Side Cover

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3D Printed side cover and brass deflector for the 9MM Raven and the Raven 556.  

  •  Raven 556 Brass Deflector
    Covers the right side charging handle slot and adds a brass deflector
  •  Raven 556 Side Cover
     Covers the left side charging handle slot
  • Raven 556 Side Cover & Brass Deflector Combo
    Adds both a left side charging handle cover and a brass deflector


- Installation Guide

Apply a small amount of thread locker to the screws, IE. Loctite, Permatex, or Vibratite.

Insert the screws into the brass deflector/side cover and start the threads onto the nuts with the tapered side facing inward.

Make sure the nuts are not tightened, only have them barely on so they don't fall off when being inserted into the receiver.

Insert the brass deflector/side cover into the receiver.

Evenly Tighten each screw until they are snug.

Continue to tighten the screws until they are flush and or good enough for your liking.  

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