Stop Struggling With Reloads & Improve Your Type 81 Magazines

Stop Struggling With Reloads & Improve Your Type 81 Magazines

The Type 81 rifle is a reliable and robust firearm, but like any weapon system, it can benefit from some tweaks and modifications to enhance its performance. One common issue that Type 81 owners encounter is struggling with reloads due to the magazines catching under the bolt catch. While some may attribute this problem to the rifle itself, the real culprit is the magazines.

In this guide, we'll show you how to modify your Type 81 magazines to prevent them from getting caught under the bolt catch, ensuring smoother and more reliable reloads.

Items Needed:

  • Type 81 Magazine(s)
  • File or Dremel


1. Identify the Problem Area: The sharp edges on the back of the magazine are the main cause of the issue. These edges can get caught below the bolt catch, making it difficult to insert the magazine smoothly.

2. Prep the Magazine: If your magazine is loaded, make sure to unload it before proceeding. Insert something into the magazine like a spent casing to push the follower down and block it from moving.  

3. File Down the Edges: Using a file or dremel, remove the sharp edges on the back of the magazine. Be sure to remove only enough material to smooth out the edges and avoid compromising the structural integrity of the magazine.

4. Test Fit: Once you have filed down the edges, test fit the magazine in your Type 81 rifle to ensure that it inserts smoothly without catching under the bolt catch.

By following these steps, you can improve the reliability of your Type 81 magazines and enjoy smoother reloads without struggling. Remember, always practice proper firearm safety and consult a professional gunsmith if you are unsure about making modifications to your firearm or magazines.

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